Friday, April 8, 2016

Preparing for 5k race in two days

I think I am still on pace for a 36" 5k run. Taking a workout break today by walking 1.5 miles around 3.5 mph. Tomorrow will do a 5k warmup jog pace.

Only problem is that I tweaked the muscles around my neck and between my shoulders. I haven't been able to move my neck all day. I hope it goes away tonight. Amazing that this could happen just from drying my hair this morning after my shower. Fortunately, it was not too bothersome on the treadmill. I hope this won't be a problem for my run.

Weight-wise... I think I am starting to lose a little weight. I have finally started to cut down on the amount I eat at night. Now it is a more normal serving size. I was eating maybe 2-3 times normal meal. Now, I need to figure a way to eat earlier instead of late at night (around 9pm).

I've actually started drinking soda at work because water doesn't seem to be quenching my thirst recently. I was doing some research online and I think I may need to increase my sodium intake. I don't use any salt in my cooking and I have not been eating out lately, so this seems to make sense. I think I'll have to buy some energy drinks as emergency reserve at work, and maybe start getting sea salt (after reading that table salt is not terribly good for sodium). Worth a try to keep myself away from soda.

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