Saturday, May 20, 2017

Shaun T Insanity Day 4 - Personal Experience

Cardio Recovery - sounds easy but I still got a good sweat. I was able to complete the holds but unable to complete the pulses. The parts where we lift the knees a couple inches above the ground, I was unable to do. I would start lifting my knee high as I pulsed. I ended up just keeping my knee on the ground which was still a good workout. I have a lot of catching up for this part in the future.

Overall, my body is starting to feel a bit better since I started with Day 1 about 9 days ago. I have done other activities during this timeframe like walking, volleyball, and the driving range. I have not been following the nutrition guide but am eating healthier. I still need to watch the quantity of food that I eat even though it may be healthier. I still struggle avoiding eating late night, but have been doing better lately.

Although I couldn't complete some of the workouts, I don't feel terribly exhausted. I think I may go for an easy jog later today.

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