Friday, August 2, 2019

Buggish: MS Excel not autofit row with wrap text

Symptom: When I double-click on the left row index where you normally click to resize the row, nothing happens. In most cases this works, but for some "random" reason this does not work all the time.

Possible workaround: Make sure the zoom is at 100%

Notes: I tried to find a solution online but almost all the pages either say to make sure wrap text is enabled/checked/high-lighted/etc or that there are no merged columns.

I cannot believe I lived all these years with this problem with such a simple "fix".

Although some say only with 2010, I want to say that I have faced this problem with all versions of Excel or the very minimum the last several iterations before 2010. I have not had the pleasure of using later versions.


Found a reference with the same fix.

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