Thursday, July 8, 2021

Work Life: Why do managers assign the person with the least meetings to schedule a new meeting?

Managers in general should be creating meetings instead of their underlings or other people's underlings.

Why do managers do that?

1. Because they like that rush of power (intentional or not)
2. They think they are too busy to do it
3. They do not want to appear to not understand what the meeting is for

What I think?

I guess there is nothing that can be done with someone who is power hungry. Feeling too busy is too disrespectful of other people's time. Not understanding what the meeting is for is not even the ask.

Scheduling a meeting with a person who's calendar is full, plenty of double-booking, etc., only makes any sane person just sit there for a minute or two to think things over... like does that person not understand that is calendar is full for the next 2 weeks or year? Do they think we can see why the time is even blocked out to at least see if maybe a block is less important? If they ever scheduled anything, they will realize that 99% no one can see what is there at all... it is just a big blob of unavailable times. So this is easily 5 minutes just to scan the calendar for an open spot. AND THIS IS JUST FOR ONE PERSON!! Most of the time I have to deal with multiple people...

How long would it take him to schedule? 1-2 minutes. Why because he can see his own calendar that he does not even maintain to keep up-to-date so that someone else can schedule a real meeting. He can clearly see that a spot is available. He can see which meetings typically run short.

More importantly, he has more authority to get other people to join the call. If I have a call with more than one manager... I spend another day or two just to reschedule because they respond that they cannot make it or a change in schedule....... then they have the audacity to not even recommend a new time.

So, in best case... 5 minutes vs 2 minutes. That is 2.5 times. If it takes him longer, it'll probably take me much longer, so 2.5X is probably best case.

Company Cost?

Let us take 2.5 times as the lowest difference in our time. Does my manager make 2.5 times what I make? If he's Warren Buffet, I probably should continue to waste the rest of the year rescheduling.. but that's an exception. Most middle managers probably don't even make 2 times my salary. So it is not even worth company time for middle managers to delegate scheduling to someone else.

Also my job isn't scheduling stuff. If anything that is what middle managers do. So what is the company even paying you to do? Sit in meetings and waste everyone's time? (I'd like to say that sarcastically... but it'll probably sound more like a weak laugh while crying inside)

On top of all that, this also wastes the managers time too. More time than if they just scheduled it themselves. Manager has to check calendar. See if it is more important. Then send email that they cannot make it. Read another email on the complicated list of when all the other people are available, put in another time. Then have to read another email because another key person cannot make it (usually their own person), and repeat. 

My Suggestion

Managers should open your outlook, click new meeting, click a time on the calendar, add me to the calendar, then send. It'll take you one minute to do. I will fill in the rest or give you the people who needs to attend.

And if you already know me... I send that list before you even create it.

Stop wasting both our time.

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