Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Buggish: Microsoft Teams Web Excel slow performance at 7500 records

I use Microsoft Teams Web Excel. There is an obvious performance issue at 7500+ records with about 15 columns that are mostly populated.

This spreadsheet is an audit history of objects that I have promoted since last year. The largest column is the object path which typically would be file paths as they would include server and folder paths. The other columns are simple strings at most 50 characters or date-time fields.

The biggest problem is the copy/paste. I will oftentimes get the error:

Retrieving data. Wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy again.

Before, waiting will sometimes work but now waiting does not seem to work at all. I do not know if waiting will ever work but I've tried pasting a few hours later and I will still get this message.

Copy/pasting rows now take time. Inserting new rows take time. If I keep my browser open overnight, sometimes it takes a minute or two just for the page to allow me to click on something.

Do I know specifically that this is due to the number of records? No. I am only assuming because it seems to be a trend I see with Microsoft products. Also there is weak correlations between the number of records and frequency of issues or length of delay.

Rebooting sometimes helped before. Now, most little tricks to improve performance no longer work.

Update (2021-09-02)

I split some old data to another sheet, and the performance almost seems immediately better. I moved about 2500 records out of the primary sheet. With around 5200 records, performance still has intermittent issues but much less frequent and faster but still noticeable.

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