Thursday, September 16, 2021

Scammish: Samsung S20 FE wifi calling is so faulty

I don't know if this is a Samsung phones thing as I had similar experience with Samsung S7 and S8. For whatever reason, I've always had issues with sending out text messages over wifi calling. For another stupid reason, I always live in a unit that has 0 cell reception so I am forced to use wifi calling.

After I send a text message, the progress circle just keeps spinning. I can even receive text messages while it is spinning over several minutes. I can also surf the internet. Eventually, the message will even get sent with maybe 80% success rate. The other 20%, I just resend and it'll attempt again with about the same success rate.

What is even worse is if I send multiple messages to the same person, the order of the messages is maybe in the correct order about 50% of the time. So the more messages I send, the more likely messages will be out of order.

Not only is it sometimes out of order, the history display of messages of both incoming and outgoing is not the same as the receivers. I've had friends send me screenshots and our messages do not match.

I doubt it is the carrier as I've had this issue with Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. I've restarted my phone, restarted wifi (over multiple phones and multiple places), and other online attempts. My friends' phones (iphones and non-samsung) appear to work fine.

Once I connect to normal cell reception data, the messages are nearly instantly completed.

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