Monday, April 18, 2022

Buggish: Canon MX922 printer driver on Windows 10

MP Driver vs XPS Driver (working solution)

Summary: (To print) Download and install MP driver. No problems also installing XPS but it requires MP driver to be installed first.

Detail: They are not the same. XPS does require the MP to be installed first. If XPS is executed first, it will show a message that the MP driver is required. On the same note, I am not sure if security patch is included.

Windows Default Driver (did not work)

I tried the Windows PCL driver and point it directly to the ip address of the printer. This does not work. I can ping the address. I also later installed the MP driver which is also pointed to the same address.

Windows Find Printer (useless and avoid)

It found the printer, but keeps showing missing driver. There is no way to resolve this in Windows only. Click into the option only displays scanner and configuration options, nothing related to printers. It does not show up in the printer options. It is also a little misleading because clicking "Add Printer", you have to wait for Windows to load something. If you close the windows before this happens, the printer does not even show in the list (although still useless after).

Upon initial "setup" it requests to open a printer app (from the Windows app store). Skip this. That app is useless. 

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