Thursday, April 14, 2022

Work Life: I question developers who cannot figure out tools like Jira filters

I am not sure how many times I have had to show colleagues on how to use Jira or Confluence.

Create a Board

Seriously, it is three clicks to get to the option that literally says "Create a Board". I really have to question the innate abilities of developers when they do not wish to just click on things just to see what is there. Especially, UI developers.

No time? I am literally click on things all the time during meetings. What does this button do? What does that drop down do? 

A developer that doesn't know when to stop? "Are you sure you want to delete the entire history? There is no recover." Then maybe don't click on it?

Create a Filter

Fine, this may be a bit trickier for "normal" people. If a developer cannot figure this out, why are you even a developer? Especially... especially (!!!!) db developers. It looks practically the same! I haven't developed for over 10 years and I can guess the keywords to use in the query. And that is only if you use the advanced mode. The basic filter is just options and click on more options. Then there is a big huge button that says Save.

Figuring Things Out

I just do not understand. Even if you are not a developer, a PM or SM or a manager. It is so insane that I have wrote documents on how to do these simple steps. AND.....

I still get people messaging me, "what do I fill in here." I basically walk them through the steps I provided:
1. Which step are you at?
2. Do you see the nth bullet (usually the first item), is that your question?
3. Do you see what it tells you to fill in?

And this is not a minority of the cases.

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