Sunday, April 10, 2022

Life: Fixing Squeaky Door Hinge with White Lithium Grease (by inexperienced almost a year later)

Disclaimer: This information is only provided as an anecdote. I have no knowledge of hinges or grease or any carpentry except for the basic usage of a door. This may or may not work for others.

I just used a screw driver to remove the hinge from the door. Placed it in a box, then used a white lithium grease spray () on the hinge. I do a quick spray across the side then put it upside-down and spray into the center pin of the hinge in hopes for it to drip "down" (towards the top of the pin). I also close/open the hinges in hopes to get the grease moved around in the mechanics.

I have done this on five hinges on three separate doors. This solved all squeaky problems for me. I use this particular grease because it was recommended on a site that I looked up too long ago. I have not used any other grease before so I cannot compare whether this is better than other options.

There were no problems with the hinges. I unscrewed and screwed from bottom to top starting with the half on the door frame. I don't think the order really matters.

So far satisfied with the results. I just completed three hinges. I did two about ten months ago and those doors are still ok.


- CRC 5037 White Lithium Grease - 10 Wt Oz.

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