Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Interview: You've seen the office. What would you change?

You've seen the office. What would you change?

I do not personally like this question as an interviewee. Although the question can be used to test someone's ability to an unprepared situation, but I do not like the uneasy feeling that the interviewer may also get free advice.

At best, I would respond that there are different pros and cons to every environment. If a change was needed, change needs to start from the top because typically the bottom adapts as best they can to what is provided from the top. So if there is a need for change, I would change the way I manage my boss.

Even then, the employer would not make my list of choices even if it were the only choice. The question makes the company seem like they do not value its employees. If they value their employees, then they did not hire them because of their skills. If they valued their employees and employed skillful employees, then they would not need the free advice... imo.

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