Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review: Blogging on Blogger/Blogspot

It has a bit past half a year since I've seriously started blogging. During that time, I have almost 50 posts. I have gone through quite a few writing styles and still figuring out this blog's identity is.

Per the tracker, there seems to be more interest in the interview questions so I had tried to focus a bit more there. I started off wanting to answer the question as I would in a real interview. Quickly, I learned that I could not do this for all questions. This last month, I tried just blogging whatever I felt that day.

I have been blogging about more topics. I found it easier to write about something that I just happened to be inspired to write about rather than trying to mold a real audience. So, I return back to writing more towards my future self, although I will be probably slip up again. Remember to stay focused, future self!

I do reread a lot of my previous posts. I found a lot of grammatical and spelling errors. I tried to correct some of them but I have been doing less now because the general idea is there. I do correct some lines where it just does not make sense at all. I know some is because I am trying to type as quickly as I think of the ideas and sometimes the idea just go way faster, then you'll notice some thought gaps.

I get a lot of sources from very odd sites. I'm sure you'll see them when you blog. I do not want to publish them because it will just generate them more traffic which I am pretty positive that is the reason they do that. There is probably no way around them, but at least it makes me happy to see the visitor count go up. And at the same time, makes me feel kind of sad that I am somewhat superficial and do enjoy at least some level of attention.

There were a one thing that I would like improved in blogger (and it is totally possible that blogger can already do it and I just have not figured it out). I'd like to be able to create a page with links to blogs by certain labels, like interview (label:interview) or work-related (label:interview or label:work life).

So far, I enjoy this new part of my life. It does help me focus on certain topics and reflect on other topics. I've been thinking of writing some alternative answers to interview questions and counter points to other posts... but we'll see how things go.

First Relevant Post (12/26/2012)

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