Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Life: Vehicle Protection Center Scam-ish (Take 7 of infinity)

Scores an F on BBB (7/3/2013).

As if it was not already hard enough to sift through all the junk mail, I came upon this letter that stated on the front "REQUEST FOR ACTION - IMPORTANT VEHICLE INFORMATION ENCLOSED" then in smaller text "WARNING: $2000 FINE, 5 YEAR IMPRISONMENT, OR BOTH FOR ANY PERSON INTERFERING OR OBSTRUCTING WITH  DELIVERY OF THIS LETTER."

Quickly looking this up online, I found several links:
2. (has images of the letter that I also received)

What a terrible way to attract my attention. I do not tolerate such gimmicks. I wish advertisers were required to provide the source of where they collect my information. I hope that would help me track where my personal information is coming from and also denounce that company for promoting such practices.

Update 1/3/2015

Interestingly, the BBB as of 1/3/2015 is now C-. Although, I still get approximately the same amount of traffic for this post so these mails seem to still being distributed.