Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Scammish: Vehicle Protection Center Scam-ish (Take 7 of infinity)

Scores an F on BBB (7/3/2013).

As if it was not already hard enough to sift through all the junk mail, I came upon this letter that stated on the front "REQUEST FOR ACTION - IMPORTANT VEHICLE INFORMATION ENCLOSED" then in smaller text "WARNING: $2000 FINE, 5 YEAR IMPRISONMENT, OR BOTH FOR ANY PERSON INTERFERING OR OBSTRUCTING WITH  DELIVERY OF THIS LETTER."

Quickly looking this up online, I found several links:
2. (has images of the letter that I also received)

What a terrible way to attract my attention. I do not tolerate such gimmicks. I wish advertisers were required to provide the source of where they collect my information. I hope that would help me track where my personal information is coming from and also denounce that company for promoting such practices.

Update 1/3/2015

Interestingly, the BBB as of 1/3/2015 is now C-. Although, I still get approximately the same amount of traffic for this post so these mails seem to still being distributed.

Update 1/9/2020

I haven't received any since this post, probably targeted to those who bought a new car which I will likely be doing soon. 


  1. The first time i got this letter, i was a bit scared that my warranty might expire and stuff like that. The whole reason i bought a honda is to not want to deal with high labor cost or parts if something wrong happens. When i got this letter many times, i decided to call them and have fun as i had some time to kill :) ...... I clearly pissed the guy on the other side of the phone arguing and changing my mind and making up crazy stuff. I made the guy come down from 2800$ to something like 1700$ for 5 year coverage. He used the typical sales man tactics (These people need to learn how to pitch).
    Anyways, the last tactic he resorted to was try and insult by telling that you own a $20k car and you cant afford 70$ per month. I told that is true and he didn't expect that answer.
    So next time these guys try to fool you, just call them and have fun like me :)

  2. I got one of the deceptive letters from Vehicle Protection Center, (of Missouri) and wanted to send it back, "Return to Sender. Deceptive Advertising. I called the 800 number and asked for the address. The woman would not give it. I talked to a supervisor and he said he would not give it because the company is afraid of people knowing their address and coming in with a gun and killing the employees. I have just written the BBB. The guy was serious. I did not get the address. I was as nice a pie talking to him. I was glad he was recording the phone call, not that they care. I'll get a response from company, and BBB within 30 days, I hope.

  3. I only get extended warranties from the dealer. My husband fell for one of these mailers a while back and after they failed to pay for "covered repairs", I had to turn it over to the Attorney General, for the state of Az, who forwarded it to the Attorney General of New Jersey, then they moved to Pennsylvania and they kept changing their name. Also when I was trying to get the repairs paid they would answer my phone call once then they wouldn't answer any more so I had to keep changing phones to get them to answer. There are good extended warranties out there they are carried by reputable car dealers.

  4. That's my story . Be careful people.

  5. Obvious scam. Where do they get this detailed vehicle info? Someone asleep at the switch? Someone on the take? Hyundai (or other auto dealers) should get involved.