Monday, July 29, 2013

Review: Internet Explorer 10 (ie10) - My First Impressions

I have been testing bing a few times to see how things are on that front. The interface looks nice, but it was really slow on Internet Explorer 9 (ie9). By very slow, I mean that I have to wait 1-2 seconds. During this time, I cannot even click in the search box and type in my search while the rest of the page is loading the nice images.

I've been ignoring the message about upgrading to ie10, but I caved today to test if there is a difference. The first thing I noticed is the download page has a non-enhanced version. I am surprised that there is no explanations to what that option is. After reading a couple articles (ghacks), I stuck with the non-enhanced version.

Once installed, Bing did come up much faster. Time will tell if this slows down. I am also a little untrusting in why it is faster in ie10 than ie9 because it makes me wonder what else is windows doing in the background that I really do not want it to do.

I tried to search, and I get an error on the very first search. If I go back and try again, the search works as normal. Below is the error that I got:

Bing services aren't available right now: We're working to restore all services as soon as possible. We know you want to get back to searching. Please check back soon. (Ref A: DCCFEF37C40C4E0B9A21AE8EE668A44D Ref B: 48D526FF966620D8DA93A2AD8235794B)
Besides the minor error, I do not see any real difference than what I see with google for my use. It defaults images to the top. It does not have ads (which is a plus as an interface), has other popular searches and related searches. But, the search results appear very cluttered. I'm surprised even thought my screen is 24" that bing only uses half the screen. I do not like the constant reminder to connect to Facebook. Why is there no option to close it?

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