Monday, August 26, 2013

Complaint: Google Voice in Gmail - Cannot Receive Calls (Not Google Hangouts)

Issue with Google Voice in Receiving Calls within Gmail

My issue is very similar to an article I found in Google Groups. I have no problems when calling out of Google Voice. Gmail recognizes that a calling is coming, but when I answer, there is no sound on the other end. Before, I could press one of the number buttons which would initiate the call. I do not have problems when I answer the call from my phone. Even when I answer in Gmail, my phone will continue to ring. The same problem occurs in Firefox.

This problem started late last week, so for a few days. My workaround with the number button has been around for a while.


Although all the articles I found say that Hangout was the problem, I found that upgrading to Hangout actually fixed my problem. The articles are rather old so perhaps Hangout has fixed the problem but in the meantime broke the old chat.