Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review: Yogurt, Yoplait vs La Yogurt vs FoodTown vs Others (not a nutritional review)

Yoplait vs La Yogurt vs FoodTown vs Dannon vs Activia (not a nutritional review)

I have only started eating yogurt for the last couple years. I had a friend introduce Greek yogurt to me and it turned out ok. Mine was mostly fruits, granola, and honey. I tried it again later and found that I do not like plain Greek yogurt. I am still not used to the texture of it.

Because I heard of the health benefits of yogurt, I did not quite give up on it yet. I started with the other yogurt. I think it is referred to as regular yogurt? I will just call it regular yogurt or just yogurt. These are the ones you find in the supermarket not under Greek yogurt. At first, I also did not enjoy these either but kept at it and eventually it became more bearable.

Now I can eat them without any problems and on a regular basis. I buy whatever is cheapest in the supermarket which tends to be Yoplait, La Yogurt, and Dannon. Recently, I just bought some the generic Foodtown brand.

Overall, all of them tastes pretty much the same. Foodtown is clearly the lowest on taste but I still enjoyed it. Foodtown has the least amount of fruits in it. Yoplait and Dannon are usually on the top of my list. La Yogurt is a far third because I always seem to struggle opening the container (maybe that was why it was discounted?).

The 6oz size seems to be a great serving size even though I still try to compare sizes in the supermarket. Yoplait appears deceptively larger because it has a bump at the bottom. I really like that one 6oz can carry me through breakfast.

Even among the regular yogurts, I like the lighter version if the brand carries them. I do not like the whipped version which I find worse than the regular one. I think I was tearing as I reached the bottom of the first one.

I couldn't help looking at the health portion. In general, even the unhealthiest yogurt is a better option for me from my previous diet. But as I attempt to move towards a healthier life-style, I should start looking at the nutritional facts. I noticed that Yoplait has a lot more sugar which is probably how that was more tolerable for me, while Foodtown has 11g (less than half of Yoplait). Now that the other brands are now in my tolerance, I should start leaning towards those brands.

Although the link below says that Yoplait has as much sugar as a Snicker's bar, yogurt is much more filling. It usually can last me for an entire meal and it surprisingly helps with digestion (which I am going to assume a candy bar is not going to do that). I rarely have any digestion problems, but it seemed to help even when I feel a bit bloated from overeating the day before.

Now that I started cooking, the amount of sugar is now making more sense to me. Now when they say that Yoplait has 28g of sugar (about 7 tsp of sugar), I can relate more to those numbers now. I use about 1-2 tsp of sugar for an entire dish, so 28g is a lot of sugar... although I find it odd that 2tsp tends to be too sweet for me, so how am I able to eat 7tsp of sugar without it being terribly sweet?

I suppose I should start eating less Yoplait. We'll see how that turns out. It should not be too hard since I now typically have enough in stock to last me to a week that one of the other brands are on sale.


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