Friday, August 9, 2013

Review: - Free streaming for gamers

I heard about this through a gaming friend who was trying out casting his games. This is a very interesting concept in that it is almost like reality tv but of the person's computer screen. broadcasts a bunch of casters showing them playing a sorts of video games. Some of the most common are LoL, Dota2, SC2, and a bunch of other games.

I found myself watching this a bit more particularly because of the eSports championships. This casts are of national and international championships. What I enjoy are listening to the casters explaining what is going on, so I can learn more of the details to the games without having to play. Kind of like watching tv, I get to learn about games (sometimes new games) without having to play and while doing other things so I feel more productive without really sacrificing a lot of time.

I also enjoy watching games I have not played before and kind of get a preview of the games. Sometimes it is just funny listening to some of the casters. Some casters also cast like a radio station. Of some of those even give out free prizes to increase viewers.

There are some channels that are kind of boring. There are some commercials but that has not bothered me. It is nice that it provides money for the casters so it seems to bother me less. The most annoying are some of the trolls in the chats. Even without the trolls, the semi-trolls are very annoying too. From what I've observed, casters can choose chat admins to ban users or delete messages.

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