Thursday, June 19, 2014

Life: Watching American Ninja while Working Out is Very Motivating

I have been trying to be better with my workout. I have been pretty bad since my last update (in that I have gained weight... yet again). Eating unhealthy and not working out are always bad for a healthier lifestyle. I have just been super busy with moving out, moving, moving in, and more moving in.

Normally at the gym, I watch food network when I run on the treadmill. Usually a very standard run. One evening, American Ninja was on. Just watching them struggle through obstacles made me want to run harder. I find myself running faster than the speed set. The more they struggled the easier I found to run faster. Somehow I imagine that me running harder will transfer that effort to them.

Then there was one person that hurt his calf or ankle. I think I almost wanted to fall down too as if I also sprained my ankle. Each time they showed the replay, a little part of me cringe.

On a side note, I feel that I run more easier to the pace of music that is playing. The faster the beats per minute, the faster I run. Interestingly, the effort level does not feel different within a short period of time (usually until I run out of breath). When the song changes to a slower pace, I try to motivate myself to run at the previous pace but for some reason it just seems harder.

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