Thursday, June 19, 2014

Game: Candy Crush 605

I was waiting for people to stop by so I figured I checked out where Candy Crush is at. So I started playing against a couple weeks ago and just finished the last 105 levels which currently ends at 605.

In reference-1, I was a bit addicted to the game. This time around, I was not as addicted by not having to play it during my free time. I also did not have that itching feeling that I have to continue playing nor did I feel as frustrated when not able to beat a level.

In reference-2, I had run into a lot of problems with the supposedly "random" pieces that falls and the movements of the chocolates. I have to say that the latest levels were pretty challenging yet not as frustratingly difficult. There were still a couple levels that took a lot of luck like level 586 (which I did not enjoy playing at all). I am not a big fan when a level depends too heavily on luck than skill.

It still seems that I get good combinations after the last move. Chocolates still seem to me to have some backend logic depending on where you leave your mouse after a move (although I'm not sure if this is a problem in the mobile version). After suspecting this, I have found if I leave my mouse (right after I move a piece) in an area that I rather have the chocolate go towards that it has a higher chance in going in that area. But, this does not work all the time. When it does not work, it does seem to be more random-ish.

In conclusion, I actually found the last few levels much more enjoyable. I really liked the conveyor concept.


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