Thursday, November 6, 2014

Buggish: Disappearing Scroll Bar on MSN site on IE11

While testing Hebrew on different browsers, I clicked on an interesting news article on Internet Explorer which defaulted to MSN. While reading the article, I kept failing to scroll down the page. This is when I realized that as I read the article, the vertical scroll bar disappears (reappearing after moving the mouse around).

I assume this is by design because other pages on IE does not have this problem. Nor is MSN a problem on Chrome or FF. Sure I could use the scroll wheel on a mouse or the arrows on the keyboard, but unfortunately I happen to want to use the touchpad tap because double finger slide is not very fluid on this laptop nor the tiny up/down cursor buttons. I guess this is kind of a rant on my laptops keyboard and touchpad designs too. At least keep the arrows there... or even better let the functions exist even if the scroll bar is not visible.

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