Friday, November 28, 2014

I Need Alarm Feature to Temporarily Disable the Next Occurrence Only

Why has no one developed an alarm that allows exceptions to a recurring alarm? For example, I have an alarm for work every morning but I have to turn this off for Thanksgiving. I am ok with turning off the alarm, but I would really like the ability to turn it off only for a single day and not disable the entire recurring alarm... for example today, Thanksgiving.

Not only would it be nice to disable for Holidays, sometimes I just wake up naturally before the alarm. The process to disable the alarm so that I am not interrupted by the alarm (usually when I am already driving to work) is too tedious or sometimes just forgotten. Well, the app cannot help if I forget but most of the time I wish I could just disable the next alarm. I do not wan to disable the entire alarm schedule because I will likely forget to enable it for the next day (or rather the risk of being late to work is worse than the risk that I disable the alarm).

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