Sunday, November 23, 2014

Buggish: Google Docs Spell Check Issue with word 'sclerae' In Bulleted List

I found this very odd spell check bug where the world "sclerae" (a medical term) is marked as a spelling error only when it is the second item in a pair of a bulleted item with the word "conjunctivae". It is not marked as an error when it is in a list item by itself [Item 3], nor when it is the first item in the pair [Item 10], nor when you add "are [some object]" [Item 13].

The last test is kind of weird because it will still be recognized as an error even if I use a different verb (ie action verb like "diagnosed by person") [Item 13].

At first, I thought that this may possibly impact other nouns that do not end with 's' when in plural form. But as seen with many other combinations, these do not trigger the spelling error flag. Also seen in the latter part of the list, the spelling error flag is also not triggered if used with other plural nouns.

Obviously, this is going to be a super minor bug bordering "who really cares" bug. I just thought it was rather interesting bug. I am sure the bug is not those specific words, but I was unable to figure what the boundary cases that was used for this bug.

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