Sunday, November 2, 2014

Life: Exercising, Right Leg Hurt/Sore After Few Minutes of Jogging

After jogging for a few minutes, my right calf feels very sore (almost to the point of pain but not exactly). I am not exactly sure why this is the case. It sounds normal according to one post which seems to be consistent that I have only recently returned to running.

Odd thing is that I am right-sided (ie right handed and footed) so I always thought that my right leg would last longer than my left leg. Another odd thing is that I do not have this problem when running on a treadmill. I thought perhaps it has to do with the extra stability when running outdoors but then I just ran into the same problem when just running in place.

I started running in place while watching tv because I have been trying to get more steps onto my Wii Fit Meter. By running, I really mean walking and jogging. I have noticed that I do run a bit farther/longer before reaching the soreness every couple weeks. I typically alternate between jogging and walking until the soreness goes away. I only did this a 2-3 times before just walking out the rest of the trail because I was afraid that I may be making it worse by not letting it rest enough.


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