Friday, February 21, 2014

Buggish: Cannot turn off / hangup / end Switch Calls Option in Mid-Call (Google, Motorola DROID RAZR)

The issue is while I am on a call and someone else is calling in, I switch to that call. I keep it short so it ends before the first call. If I hit "end" on the second call, this hangs up both calls. If I do not hit "end" and wait a moment, it will automatically switch to the first call. At first, I thought this was the reason it hangs up both calls because I ended the first call while the second automatically ended. After a couple more occurrences, the second call does not go away thus the "SWITCH CALLS" option is always there. Even though the other person has already ended the call, I only get a dial-tone when I switch to that line. When I hear the dial-tone and hit the end-call button, both sessions will end.

Depending on when the second caller ends the call, the switch may take a while. Thus, I sometimes manually switch the call. There was one call where I hit it around the time I heard the other person end the call because I heard a click right before I hit the switch button. At this point, I am not sure which call I am on. A nice feature would be to display which number I am on.

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