Thursday, February 20, 2014

Life: Cleaning continued - Glass Stop Top

When I moved in the stove already had dark rings around the burner area. Like the smaller one in the picture below:

Over time, it became like the one you see in the larger burner. I have a pan that is larger than the burner thus the larger circle. I tried to keep it clean by using a sponge and water but the burn marks just become larger and dark. In the picture is about a year's worth of cooking prior to my attempt to clean with baking soda.

In the picture you can see on the left side that it is already partially cleaned and some white streaks. That is because I already started testing with the baking soda. The white residue appears much clearer with flash which I cannot see as clearly with my eyes.

Below you can see that I am already half done with the burner.

If you do this on a somewhat regular basis, you can probably remove the grime with just a sponge. Mine is rather caked onto the top, so I used a screwdriver. I did not have a razor like one of the videos below, but the screwdriver worked very nicely still. I was very careful not to scratch the surface. The scratch marks you see in the picture was already there just from regular cooking.

I had used baking soda and let it sit on it overnight. This made it easier to scrape the grime off. I tried the same method on an area I didn't apply baking soda and it barely removed anything. I also tried to reuse the baking soda, but it was much less effective.

I may have been able to just use a sponge over multiple days because the baking soda does get dirty. It would have take many days for me because you can barely see the difference with just manual force.


Mike Gandy (with a razor blade) -
 - I like this video the most because this was more similar to my situation. The grime in the other videos were much simpler to remove.
Simone Smith (her attempt with some humor, also not a glass stove top) -
Bella Peters -
Clean My Space (where I learn a lot of cleaning tips) -

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