Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Game: Candy Crush Saga... Quitting Addiction

Ugh... I cannot believe I am still playing this game. I just finished the latest stage at 500. I do not know why I still play this game and not spending my time doing something more productive. The dropped pieces seem more consistent now.

To make some productivity from this experience, I wonder what made me addicted. Is it convenience, the challenge, ego, curiosity? The game seems so convenient to play. If I am waiting on something for 2 minutes, I can easily pull it up and play a game whether I win or not. So do I play because it is convenient? It is just as convenient to just open a book which at least I can be learning something. It cannot just be convenience though. There is some challenge in it. But it is not for bragging rights because I use an anonymous account. I think it is mostly curiosity and a little bit of OCD to complete the game. Is the next level more challenging? What did they do for the next challenge? There is an element of the unknown because each level has been different. Mainly, I think it is some form of OCD because there are other curious things and other challenges. Just thinking that there are about 10-20 levels left (putting my 100% completion to like 98%) makes me just want to finish it up.

But now that I am at a nice round level of 500, I am going to try to break this addiction and find something more productive to do with my micro-breaks like blogging more. It has helped quite a bit to get out of other bad habits and really helped me focus on other more important issues.

Somethings I noticed in the latter stages- The chocolate moves onto the sprinkled candy like regular candy but not striped and/or wrapped unless it is the last available move. No more tornadoes. I actually enjoyed playing the last couple stages. Even then, I want to move on from this game and here's my stake in the ground.

10/21/2013- Doing well so far. Haven't opened the game yet.
8/6/2014 - I have started playing again about 2 months ago. Finished all levels.


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