Monday, July 14, 2014

Bored: Hearing Test to Determine Age

I was watching Brain Games and it was showing the hearing test. They had a few age groups. I heard them all. But when they played under age 25, I thought I heard a sound but then it did not go away in my head. This made me wonder if I even heard it.

This made me to go online to see if I can find the sound again. I found a YouTube video that played more frequencies. When it reached under 30, it went completely quiet. But then when there was a higher frequency that played that I heard. When I backtracked, I did not hear any sounds underneath. But then when I used the left arrow to go back, I was able to hear all the sounds rather clearly. When I tried again, no sounds played but I heard my speakers click. Then I noticed that YouTube had filtered some of the sounds. I do not understand why it played temporarily though.

Anyways, this made the video unreliable. I continued my search and found an online tone generator (Reference-1). Here I was able to hear frequencies between 10Hz and 20154Hz. The lower ranges were kind of tough though. I can probably noticeable hear 23-25Hz. But if I used the start and stop, I can hear slightly lower than that but it is a very dull sound. In other words, I probably would not notice the sound is even playing if I listened for it but I can notice a change in sound if I toggled between on and off. Past 10Hz, I do not detect the slightest change.

A limitation to this may be the speakers as well. So I'm not sure if this a good test. The only way to validate this is to have a listening device that can detect what frequency is actually playing. At least for my curiosity, I am at least able to hear the frequencies. I wonder if volume has to do with it too.

Another "test" is as I was watching TV as I typed this post, I had left the tone generator on. Somehow I tuned out the tone but when I returned back to this post on a commercial break, I noticed that there was an odd low tone then recalled that I had forgotten to turn it off. So it is kind of interesting how I am able to tune out certain sounds.


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