Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Work Life: Job Hunting While Employed

Why haven't human resource managers or recruiters improved the process in finding applicants? It frustrates me to no end why they have to call during the day. When there is finally a job that actually sounds interesting, the interview must be within the next 2-3 days and during work hours.

Perhaps someone that is unhappy with his work could pull it off or someone who is ok with lying to their boss (i.e. calling in sick). But I am (at least I think that I am) very professional about the work that I do. I am almost always busy, so where am I supposed to find time to consider a job opportunity.

There were a couple interviews that I did go to. Primarily because I happened to have some downtime and was able to take some time off. One of the benefits of being a contractor as opposed to being an employee. I feel there is more freedom in how to manage my time.

One of the most upsetting experience was that the manager I was supposed to meet was overbooked during my interview and did not notify myself or the recruiter. I took an entire day off and drove an hour to not even have an interview. I did not even get to meet anyone. I sat in the lobby and waited for my recruiter to call me to tell me why no one was showing up. They also never called back to apologize. Tranzact is totally on my black list now.

As for interview questions, I feel that everyone is surprised when they ask why I am looking and that I respond that I am not looking. I reply that I am perfectly content at my current job, but that I am always willing to consider better opportunities. In my interviews, I always seem to end up asking most of the questions. I have also received a high percentage of offers.

I have rejected all offers so far because I have not been satisfied with the companies. I feel that they start off on the wrong foot with me because they need someone immediately. This tells me a couple things. They have poor resource management. They also have poor contingency plans. This is reinforced by stressing that the start date is as soon as possible, but no more than 2 weeks. Most of other questions are about management and process. Very few interviewers seem genuine in their responses in that they seem to be avoiding certain points. None seem to impress me with what they have.

Perhaps this is because I only respond to cold-calling recruiters so these opportunities are high-stressed environments. I have also found that these recruiters will always try to negotiate your rate down from whatever numbers you give them. There was one that I had absolutely no interest in but the recruiter was very persistent. When he asked, I gave him a number that was high but somewhat reasonable and he countered with a number slightly lower than that. He never did call back though, so I at least found a way to keep some of them away. I am not sure why either, but a lot of these recruiters also have very poor call qualities. I have no problems with anyone else that I speak with and I am on a lot of conference calls.

Well, that's the end of my rant. I really hope that the industry will some day figure a better way to run. It is really tempting to me to start a recruiting company just to demonstrate how it should be done! :D

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