Sunday, July 13, 2014

Game: Candy Crush Saga... rigged? (Part 2 - Dreamworld)

Sigh....... I've started playing this game again. Looking at my last post, I did not even make a whole year. But in my defense, I was testing out a new desktop recording application Camstudio then just kept playing.

When testing it out, I noticed there is a new area which I call Dreamworld (which I found in Youtube but not sure if that is the official name or not). I brings a new mechanic where pieces of a random color are automatically destroyed after so many turns then changes to a different mode. In this mode, the random color also no longer appear as long as you remain in the mode. Some levels this mode is only one turn but can span multiple turns. When in this mode, you can get a lot of combinations more easily. One drawback is when you need to get certain recipes which may not longer appear because it no longer appears.

To counter-balance this new mode, there is also a mechanic where you cannot match too many of one of two specific color. This is represented by an owl on a moon. The moon tilts either clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on which color it is weighted towards. You fail when the own (named Otus) falls off the moon (ie balance). For example if red and blue is on the balance, too many reds cleared will cause the game to end or too many blues will cause the game to end. You can counter the balance by alternating between red and blues. This only occurs in the normal mode. There is no balance when in the special mode.

Currently in level 223, I have found that the levels are somewhat more enjoyable but I still notice a few rigged-like behaviors. What is more enjoyable is that it appears a bit more random so I rarely get stuck on a particular level, although there have been a couple where it took me a few days.

What seems odd with the supposedly "random" pieces is when I am stuck and the moon is tilted at the max, there seems to be an increased chance that combinations will more likely to occur for that color or that color will drop causing a combination.

What also seems odd to me is that I always seem to beat certain levels (past around 100) is that I beat levels on my very last life on levels that I get somewhat stuck (stuck being that I already used by 5 lives + the lives given by friends on a specific level). Then I will coast through a couple then get stuck again.

I am not sure about this one, but CCS has an opinion survey that comes up randomly. I have rated some of the levels which took me 2-some days to beat as boring. This appears to increase my odds. I have not rated anything positive so I'm not sure if voting increases, or even that I just perceive it that way.

I'd like to use the record the games as I play but I seem to need a new PC because my computer lags quite a bit when I have multiple apps running. I'm not sure why Facebook games uses so much of my PC memory. I cannot watch a stream and play CCG or Tetris Battle with it slow noticeably but not impossible. Yet, I can play more intense games like SC2 or DOTA while streaming.

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