Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Game: Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld 250 Dropping only Black Swirly Licorice

This level is by far the most annoying level, by far. I do not know if this broken but I actually succumbed to using YouTube to see how others have passed this level... only to find that their candy drops look nothing like mine because mine only drops black licorice pieces. Unfortunately, I did not record my eventual win of this (primarily because I went through many, many, many lives) but I did eventually pass it and I do not want to see it again.

My strategy that eventually led to the win was to set off as many fishes at the same time as possible. There seems to be a slight window where it will drop candy pieces. It will drop some licorice, but candy will drop. At this point, I try to clear as much of the top jellies as possible. I typically will reach moonstruck mode which hopefully will clear up as much jellies as possible (hopefully the top ones). Because eventually, it will drop only licorice again (and no more candies will drop). In my winning game, I was able to just have the bottom with candies to eventually just use a horizontal striped candy and a fish.

Good luck!

PS - For some reason if I only get 1-2 fish, it almost always (95% of the time) hits one of the trapped candies at top. I was trying to avoid this to see if I can just get enough horizontal striped candies to clear the jelly before the licorice fell. This strategy did not even clear more than 10 jellies (at best with the striped and wrapped candy combo).

If I got for horizontal or stripped/wrapper combo, I only get licorice. With combination with only 2-3 fishes at most, there are only about 3-4 candies that will drop out of 20+ left cleared licorice.

Even with the final strategy, this took me clearly more than 30 lives (lost count) over a span of several days.

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