Sunday, July 6, 2014

Review: CamStudio Recorder, Candy Crush - Cereal Sea, YouTube (First Impression)

I have many firsts for this post. I've been meaning to test out the CamStudio Recorder for a while. It is an application to record my desktop. What has kept me from testing this was the last of something to record. It is a rather lame (and lazy) excuse but that is how I fool myself sometimes. Then I figured to publish it on YouTube to see how that works too.

You can see the results of my efforts here,


To start, CamStudio Record was quite easy to use. It has a simple music player-like setup with record, stop, and pause. There are options to record part of a screen, select a screen (if you have multiple monitors), or default is all displays.

I did run into a couple tricky things. I wanted to record only part of my screen, but it kept recording putting the area onto my first screen. Even when I moved the browser to the first screen, it was not aligned correctly. To fix this, I had to uncheck "Fixed Top-Left Corner" which I was a bit suspicious but it was checked by default.

It also has options for recording sounds, but I did not test this as I don't have anything worth discuss.

Candy Crush - Frog

They started the new Candy Crush level, Cereal Sea. It starts at 606 and ends at 620. In this level, a frog is introduced. It was odd figuring this one out. The most obvious is that it does not fall like candy. You can match it with other candies of the same color. As you match them, the frog gets fatter. At some point it reached a max point which you can tell when it starts pulsing. At this point, you can click on the frog. When it is highlighed, you can click on another part of the board. Where you click, a 3x3 area is hit.

If the frog is part of a combination that creates a wrapper candy, the frog is then encased in a wrapper. When you match a wrapped frog, it will explode like a wrapped candy except it only explodes once.

If you use a spotted candy on a frog, then all candies of the same color is cleared like a spotted candy with a regular candy. In addition, the frog eats all the candies cleared.


Although this is not my first uploaded video, it is my first published video. There are filters than you can apply. There's also a special effect to blur but not sure how effective it is. There are simple fixes available like lighting and contrast. It also has slow motion. Most of these I have not actually used.

My favorite feature is the stabilize feature. I use this for videos that I record from my phone. Another is the ability to trim. I can also rotate the video. I can add annotations, subtitles, and audio.

Overall, it seems very simple to use and has features to publish simple videos.


I am not very familiar with video editing, but I could use some recommendation on an application to edit videos like trimming or cropping. I guess something like YouTube features plus cropping. I could also use one that helps with desktop training like zooming, mouse clicks, etc.


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