Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Buggish: Blogger on Chrome with Google Plus Comments

I still have not quite figured how blogger counts the visitors to my page. The number of visits per post does not seem to add up to the total visitors to the site. My top pages have about 14k hits. I have almost 300 posts which should be about 30-ish hits each thus about 9k hits. That will give me almost 23k. My all-time is 25.6k. Most of the posts have less than 10, but then I do have a few random ones that hit 100.... but it is not one for ever four which would average to about 30-ish per page. So there seems to be quite fewer hits by aggregating the post hits versus the site hits which should be approximately the same.

I was actually trying to manually count the number of posts by adding them up in my head. I had reached perhaps the 8 or 9th page. I found that the biggest issue in scrolling through the page was that each time it would load the google comments count. While it loads the count, I cannot scroll the page. Some times it would even jump around because it queued the commands while it was loading.

With all the memory that Chrome already consumes, I am surprised that it cannot handle a user scrolling while it loads data in the background. After been using Chrome for a while, I am starting to feel that Firefox is more my preferred browser. Chrome just uses too much memory and it just makes my system crawl at snail speed. Once Chrome is closed, everything else on the system seems to return back to normal.

This occurs even when I have Chrome minimized and not in use. This may be perhaps with the ads or other scripts, but I have not find this to be a problem with FF or even IE. At times, even Dota consumes less memory than Chrome.

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