Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review: Changing Mii Character's Pants?

Why is the default color red? Couldn't it be a little more neutral like khaki, off-white, black, jean blue, or even just regular red? I am quite color-illiterate but that red-maroon color is just kind of... eh... it just does not match any of the other palette colors available. If Nintendo was trying to make everyone feel unsatisfied equally, then they did a fine job of it.

I guess someone did invest the time into changing the pants color, but it looks so intimidating that I have learned to accept my pants color :D

I'm not sure if there are games that use the Mii characters. After reading a few articles online, it seems that the pants color may be used to identify other Miis or allow games to control some aspect of the Mii characters. All that is still speculation, as I'm still saving to buy another controller before getting another game.


Wii U

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