Monday, October 27, 2014

Work: When did 50 miles become a local distance for new job opp?

I received a random recruiter call. After the introductions, he tells me that he is looking to fill a position. I responded that I am currently employed but willing to listen to the details. He says that it is local. After giving me the location, I said that it was a pretty far distance. He then states that it is local... 50 miles.

50 miles?! That's local? That would probably be a 2 hour commute... maybe 1.5 with no traffic but for work that will always be rush hour... so probably more like 2.5 hours and possibly even 3-4 if there is an accident. And this is my estimate just for standard places, but I have to cross a major city plus that area is known for its traffic jam. I quickly declined to save us both time.

And where do these people even get my information? This person has my mobile number and my latest work location. I do not post my mobile number, and my resume doesn't even have my current employment. This really makes me suspicious on what information some of these recruiting companies share. I doubt my current employer would share this information, so that would only leave the one recruiter company that got me my current job who would also have my mobile number.

I really hope legislation would someday force companies to report where they obtain personal information. Companies should not be making money from my information (which does not even include that this seems like some form of privacy invasion) without my consent. If they are unable to provide the proper trail of information, they should be fined and I should get a cut of the money for my troubles.

Companies sue other companies and even individuals just for using their name. Shouldn't there be some sort of copyright issue for companies distributing my resume especially if they are profiting from it either monetarily or valued data? While they are at it, they should make it illegal to waive your right to allow them to bypass it.

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