Sunday, October 12, 2014

Review: HP Pavilion 15z Touchpad (~1 week), poor

This touchpad (HP Pavilion) is one of the hardest touchpads that I have had to adapt to. I still have not quite adapted myself to streamlining its functions.

I have usually preferred to click using the button instead of a quick tap on the pad, but I have found myself using the tap more often because the click is not very responsive. The click requires quite a bit more force than other touchpads. Not that it is difficult to click, but it feels more like a press than a click.

The most annoying part is when I do use button, I usually leave my finger on the touchpad so that I can keep pressing the button. The problem with this is that the touchpad will no longer register a page scroll when there are 3 fingers on the touch pad. 2 for scrolling, 1 because it is the resting position for the left click.

Basically, the touchpad (so far) is on partially useful. I have always liked using the touch pad because of its proximity to the rest position of my thumb. There are times as I am editing files or using multiple screens, I am able to use my thumb to move the pointer or tap to point. It is also closer to my hands than reaching for a mouse.

This is probably my first laptop where I actually prefer to attach a mouse because I cannot get all the proper motions when I am trying to click on multiple objects/windows/etc.

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