Sunday, October 12, 2014

Review: New Super Mario Brothers U - Completed All Levels and Stars for Mario (~20 days)

Overall, this game is not difficult. There are couple levels in star world that took me a while to finish. I also started playing the Luigi mode which, I suppose, kills some of the time when I don't feel like doing much. I liked that I could just pick this up and play for just 10-30 minutes at a time which I seemed to have found more of even though I was not very inclined at first.

It was quite painful to go through most of the levels again to collect all the stars. Once all the stars are collected in each area, a new level is unlocked in the star world. Then in star world, once all the stars are collected another final level is unlocked. Besides satisfaction for completing the game 100%, there is nothing else that is accomplished by unlocking and completing all the levels after beating Bowser.

The two hardest levels (by a lot) are Superstar Road's level 2 (Run for It) and level 8 (Pendulum Castle). Both levels took more than a day to complete (probably about 90 minutes of actual game play). Typically, I only play in 30 minute periods but these two really tested my nerves.

Level 8 was really difficult because I just didn't have enough patience to wait for the proper timings. I kept trying to sprint through the level and each time I would his a pendulum, fall into the pit, or die. It took a night's rest to calm my nerves which made it much easier.

Level 2 (which I actually completed after level 8) is completely opposite to level 8 where you are trying to sprint through the level. The section that I kept losing was around the third or fourth P-switch where there are moving platforms. For some reason, I just could not time this consistently. This got pretty bad to the point where I started to miss the flying koopa all-together, the P-switch, and even the P-switch at the very beginning.

Also to note, I have not played a console game for a very long time. My thumbs were actually quite sore after playing about 30 minutes. After about a month, they are no longer as sore. I did not track the total amount of time that I played, but I would guess around 30 hours of game play (usually logging more time over the weekends).


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