Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Buggish: Blogger Compose Style removes Script Tags

I was posting a few links to Pinterest which uses a script to modify the link tags to display the images. To do this, I inserted the script into the HTML portion of Blogger.

Although Pinterest says to add this to the end, that only ensures that there are no other scripts that will interfere with Pinterest. The easiest way to check is just to try and see if it breaks. Very rarely do multiple scripts clash, but it can happen. I didn't want the script to be executed on all blog posts (why give them tracking data when I do not have to). So, short story is that I had no problems with this.

At the end, I wanted to add the reference. To do that, I went back to Compose mode and added the link to the site that I pulled some of the info from. When I updated, I noticed that the images were missing. Returning back to blogger, I noticed that the script disappeared which was easily remedied by re-adding the script.


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