Saturday, January 4, 2014

Work Life: Engineering as an Art (EaaA) - Maintaining a Portfolio

As a developer and software architect, I became aware how less of a science and more of an art software development or any type of engineering. Although not as direct as other art forms that play directly to our senses, there is more of an abstract sense when putting all the different components together whether the components are code, building materials, atoms, or circuit parts.

With the growth in technologies in social media and on the internet, I have also realized that keeping a portfolio of software projects is possible. So like an artist, I think software developers should now consider keeping track of their own software portfolio. Although not all codes can be kept due to proprietary rights to the company, there were still a lot of smaller projects that can be used.

I regret that I have not kept my projects from my past. Because I have not been programming as a primary role for a while, time has made it more difficult for me to go back to a development role without moving backwards with my career. I believe having a portfolio could have helped in this matter. But letting the past be the past, I plan to keep the projects that are am currently or planning to work on.

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