Monday, January 20, 2014

Life: Being an Entrepreneur

I have lost count of how many times I have tried to start something, practically anything at this point. There are many factors to why I never really complete anything. After all the attempts, I have a lot of respect for those people who do eventually get something going whether it succeeds or fails.

For me, I think that I have the knowledge and creativity to work on a bunch of projects. Where I fail the most is having the needed support to stay focused on the project. Not the typical support that you hear about like thumbs up from your parents and friends. That is great for emotional support, but where I struggle is with just regular day-to-day events.

There is just always something going on with my family that I have to support with. Help siblings, parent's car break down, parents fighting, attend family functions, weddings, travels... although small, all these things just add up. Then there's regular personal life with meeting friends, meeting up with people, and eating out (which I already keep at a minimum claiming I'm too poor for that kind of lifestyle). Finally, I am also trying to keep my exercise going.

Although it may seem like I am complaining, but I am just trying to explain my inability to keep a project going. At times, I am complaining when I am just trying to keep things going. But in reality, I really do prioritize the things above so I shrug it off. Some day, things may finally settle down enough for me to keep going.

Another issue that I have is my lack of focus and long term memory. I feel that each time I finally get back to working on the project, I forget where I left off then I just restart the whole thing. I also get easily distracted by other new things. Since I am restarting, I always try to implement the latest stuff. But in reality, I rarely ever get to the second stage.

I still keep at it when I get free time. Lately, I've been working on Linux, Python, and Django. Not much progress again because other things were going on again in life (a visiting friend, another friend wants to take me touring, etc). But slowly, more things are sticking.

If you have an idea, go for it. If you have other priorities, take care of them first and do not regret it. We all wish things would line up, but nothing really lines up even for the successful ones. Just make sure you can afford the sacrifices that would help you to succeed. There are plenty of opportunities. But if you're just wasting your time procrastinating, then you have no excuses.