Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Work Life: Upgraded to Confluence 5.1.5

I didn't realize how old the previous version was, even the latest update is not the latest version (5.4). Even with that, I've only skimmed through to make sure all the content was still displaying correctly (which looks better than it did before) and I already like all the new features that I can find without going through the documentation. 

The editing tool is so much better. It is now more like your modern day WYSIWYG web text editor. I saw buttons for tables which is what I missed the most. I'm sure some of my problems have also gone away like pasting links with braces (haven't actually tested this yet). Much better than the editor for Blogger/Blogspot (which is still missing table editing).

Overall, I'm excited to play around with the latest update at work. Perhaps when I get a system up and running, I could install the latest version there. 


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