Friday, January 3, 2014

Work Life: Time Zone Differential - Working vs Actual

Working from 6-3pm is great in that when I finish work there is still daylight. Not only that, businesses are still open like dentists, doctors, certain bank services, etc.

The tricky part has been that I actually work in a different time zone than my actual time zone. So technically, I work 9-6pm if I was in the same time zone as my work. Thus normal lunch will be 9am, but I still eat dinner at 6pm.

This is easy to overcome when I am by myself because I would just eat dinner earlier and sleep earlier. The difficult part is when I schedule plans with others in the area who have regular work hours. Typically, I would just eat at noon which would be 3pm for work. Rarely a problem since I am not on any hard schedule unless I have a meeting scheduled during that time.

Besides scheduling, I am a bit more paranoid about the time differences. Do I add 3 hours or subtract 3 hours? Subtract if I need to convert work to actual, add if I am looking for equivalent time period, etc. I feel that I build up more self-doubt. Did I add that correctly? Or perhaps my premise is incorrect?

So I find myself more often rethinking an answer especially when someone asks if I am sure even to generic questions. Because of this, I think my image has become slightly less confident.

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