Saturday, January 25, 2014

Life: Grammatical Errors in Posts and Speech

To start, I'd like to apologize in advance for any grammatical errors in this post. They are not intentional.

I have gone back to look at some posts because I am thinking about creating a wiki of things that I have posted. While in that process, I have found that I have several grammatical errors. Particularly, the errors are repeating a word or a broken thought process.

I have been somewhat aware of this in the past, but recently I have been catching a lot more (maybe because I have gotten better at catching them). But what is more interesting is that I have also picked up some of my habits, so some red flags pop up when I correct myself on a regular basis.

I have a tendency to type 'though' when I meant to type 'thought'. This happens often enough that I found that it was not because I do not hit the second 't' hard enough. Even when I put an extra mental thought into it, my fingers just type 'though' from (I'm assuming) due to muscle memory. Why I also think this is because when I want to type 'engine', I type 'engineer' or even 'engineering'. This comes from me having to type engineer a lot due to my profession and my degree.

Another tendency is when I edit my sentences, I sometimes miss the changes to my subject and verbs particularly with words that can be used as nouns or verbs, or words converted from nouns to/from verbs. So, I'll commonly find 'is [noun] is [noun]' where you see that I repeated 'is' twice. For example, "...uneasy feeling there is something is amiss" instead of "...uneasy feeling there is something amiss".

Before I continue, I realize that I put the punctuations after the quotation marks. I did do that intentionally because it has always bugged me that I do not want to include the punctuation in my quote. Of course, I do not do this in professional writing. To me, including the punctuation always irked me because 'though' vs 'thought.' is not the same as 'though' vs 'thought'. Ellipses seem ok because you typically have to include them in both comparisons.

I have found that my speech has also been impacted by the increased use of emails and instant messaging. Both mediums allow me time to reconsider what I am thinking or reword the way I want to present the information.

While speaking, I have found that I have longer pauses between sentence parts. I think part of the reason is because I wanted to retract what I just said. Not because the information was incorrect but because I want to change the structure of my sentence.

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