Monday, March 17, 2014

Buggish: Motorola Droid RAZR Google Maps not switching to Landscape Mode


Updated to latest version, forced stop the application, restarted phone. Forced stop may or may not be required but it was a step that I did before restarting. Since I cannot reproduce the issue, I cannot confirm any or all steps.


For the last month, I have not been able to get Google Maps on my Droid RAZR (the first version) to switch to landscape mode. Other applications are able to switch between portrait and landscape normally. I've restarted my phone and forced stopped the application.

Nothing seems to fix this problem. This is quite a problem for me because I'm able to squeeze the phone in landscape position into the dashboard of my car only thus not requiring any type of docking station.

On the bright side, I've gotten better at judging turns even with my phone appearing sideways. I have my map on a locked north position.

So while writing this post, I restarted my phone just to verify my tests and, behold, Google Maps can now switch to landscape mode. I had restarted my phone a couple times before. The only thing I can think of was that I did just download an update. Then, I forced stop the application. At this point, the problem still exists. After I restarted, the problem has gone away.

This makes me question how applications are executed after an update. Why did the update not autocorrect the problem? Even if the update did not trigger the change, the forced stop should have ended the process. This seems to indicate to me that there is some cached memory, probably on the OS level. That hypothesis does not explain why my other applications do not have the same problem.

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