Saturday, March 1, 2014

Life: Blogger January/February 2014 Stats


Seems that my traffic is decreasing a little bit. I think this is due to the decrease in a couple of my older posts that have been driving most of the traffic. My guess on that is due to the age of the posts as they over a year old. 

I still have not figured out what keeps causing the 1 or 2 visits on each of my pages. The first visit almost always occurs within a few minutes of posting, but sometimes could take up to a day or two. The second visit is more erratic in that it could be within a day to a few days (maybe a week).

I am glad to see that my traffic sources are now search engines. Last year there were a couple that would always sneak onto my list that were for other advertising. I do not think that I did anything to change that, so hopefully that is just blogger cleaning up the data or the ad sites disappeared or the ads do not think it is worth there time anymore.

I am trying to reuse my lables, so hopefully the number of single tags will decrease over time. Or perhaps, I will be trying to increase the higher count labels.

Google Analytics

Visits (January) = 450
Visits (February) = 371

Unique Visitors (January) = 403
Unique Visitors (February) = 330

Page Views (January) = 615
Page Views (February) = 436

Pages per Visit (January) = 1.37
Pages per Visit (February) = 1.18

Google Webmasters

Total Queries (January) = 275
Total Queries (February) = 266

Approximate Impressions (January) = 8,500
Approximate Impressions (February) = 6,960

Approximate Clicks (January) = 600
Approximate Clicks (February) = 437

Google AdSense

February = 794 Views
January = 951 Views
All = 2037 (since 12/19/2013)

Ad clicks = 0


Comments (January) = 9
Comments (February) = 2

Posts (January) = 24
Posts (February) = 18

All Time History Visits = 14,967
Last Month History Visits = 1,285

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