Friday, March 28, 2014

Buggish: Curly Braces with Confluence v5.1.5 (Jira) and SharePoint

I continue to have issues with the links from SharePoint due to the curly braces. I had hoped the Wiki upgrade would have resolved this which it kind of does.

The editor no longer has odd behaviors when saving and editing the links where the text/link combination kept growing each time the page was edited and saved. But, it does not fix the link issue.

Now, the issue is that the link appears but is not a hyperlink. Also, the curly brace at the end is not made part of the link. This behavior seems to suggest to me that there is a conflict with the editor interpreting part of the link as a macro.

If I removed the curly braces, the link becomes clickable. Thus, I still use the same workaround as before.

Complaint: Curly Braces with Confluence v3.x (Jira) and SharePoint
Upgraded to Confluence 5.1.5

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