Thursday, March 20, 2014

Life: Visa CC Changed due to Target Hack

It is just life that I have to go through this credit card change hassle just because I went to Target once to buy a box of envelopes. So many stores like nearby supermarkets, bookstores, and whatnot, I choose the one that gets hacked.

The hacking event happened a while back and I did get a warning from the Chase site that my new card will be sent (which I have not received). I watched my account and no suspicious activities.

Then suddenly a couple days ago, my card suddenly was declined. This is very odd because I was just using it the previous day. After logging on, I found that they already changed my card number. Well, I'm glad that I no longer had any automatic charges that went to my old card but what a pain that would have been to change at a random time.

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