Thursday, August 7, 2014

Game: Broken Black Swirly Licorice on Candy Crush Saga 634

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The problem is that no matter how many black swirly licorice I clear, it is immediately replaced by another swirly. This means that I can not use either the striped/wrapped candy combination, spotted/striped combination, striped/striped combination, nor a plain vertical striped candy.

The frog will clear 9 jellies which are immediately blocked by more swirly candies. Sometimes, two vertical striped candies will clear one jelly, but obviously I could never reach the bottom level thus this is not a good strategy.

Given this current situation, the only way to pass this level is to use the frog 3 times. The only way to charge the frog is to use the spotted candy on the color of the frog. I have found it takes about 2 spotted candies to fully charge the frog. This could range between 1 or 3 depending on your luck (or even more if you are super unlucky). At best, I was able to charge the frog twice.

What appears to be broken is that I had originally passed this level in the past. In the past, the dispensers dropped normal candies thus making this level much, much easier.

Edited 8/14/2014

This appears to have been an intentional change. You are to use the spotted candies to charge up the frog to clear the level. Maybe if I have time, I will try again.

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