Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Review: Blogger with Google+ (First Impression)

Finally got around to linking my blogger to my Google+ profile. Although I spent a lot of time to learn all the little nitty-gritties, the switch was very easy and simple.

I ran into a few problems though.

  • For some reason when I added the Google+ badge, it added several widgets. This was easily corrected by removed each widget. 
  • The other problem is that the landscape version is too wide for my template, thus switching back to profile. 
  • It does not appear to be a way to separate public and people already in circles (i.e. public except people in my circles).
  • It does not appear to be a way to change the style of the comments after I changed the comments to be powered by Google+ instead of by Blogger. The white background looks kind of odd with my blog style. 
  • It appears that the post gets a +1 when I shared the post, then another +1 when I +1 the post. So for +1-ing my own post, I get +2 for the stats.
  • Sharing creates a comment post.
  • After posting, the comment is a repeat of the same post preview.

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