Friday, August 22, 2014

Work: Found Workaround when SharePoint view broken

I am still not sure why our views are at times broken. We receive an error that the data is not available but yet if we go to the all items view, all items are returned. We do not have access to the admin schedule so it possible that there are things happening in the back-end.

Whatever the case may be, my workaround to this is to click on the table section of the webform then export the data to Excel. The reason we need this is because we use this view in meetings to display what items need to be reviewed. Without the list, we are pretty much stuck and cannot continue.

I tried to play with some configurations in hopes to refresh the view to display. The problem seems to be only with this one views on a specific list (which is also the list we use the most). We have other lists but those lists does not appear to be impacted yet, although they are primarily all items views too.

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