Thursday, August 21, 2014

Life: Future is Behind Us?

One of the few things that I always think about when pondering about the Origins is how limited is my thought process due to my language. Thinking about the future, we want to move forward or look forward. The past is behind us.

After some thought (inspired by reference-1), the future is more like behind us and the past in front of us. We can easily "see" what just happened and harder as time goes farther away. At the same time, we cannot really see the future as we cannot see behind us. We use some senses to figure out what could behind in the near future, but the farther away the distance is, it becomes even harder to determine the future.

In this case, it would almost seem to make more sense to move backward towards the future and look into the past. I wonder if we are ever able to time travel if this idea would change. To change to another topic, such topics always make me wonder why our brains do not crash or go into some form of infinite loop.

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