Monday, October 14, 2013

Complaint: Has Stolen Information from

They have stolen information from I do not know if they stole it or bought it from someone that did. Either way, there is some shady business. I would not trust this site.

This is why in today's age, it is more important to be lost in too much information than to remove all information about oneself. There are some small unique quirks that are intentionally used. This helps me identify where the information is coming from.

I also wish that there is some law that can be signed that forces companies to provide details where they received the information. This is to primarily target those companies that are buying contact information from other third parties. This would also make it easier to target companies that use shady business practices like trading email addresses for marketing purposes.

Edited: 10/24/2013
My apologies. I had thought the info was copied from, but in actuality, it was from